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    Originally Posted by JustCharlene View Post
    Hi James, no I'm afraid not. My avatar is the result of googling the japanese for "strength". I was wanting to get it as a tattoo but then my boyfriend (who knows a little japanese just from manga and anime) also said it looks like the japanese for "ka"... which it does, so I'm confused :S
    it means the same in Chinese too

    if you combine strength and field you get man :-)
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    Originally Posted by frankv View Post
    Firstly, thanks to ATZ for a useful and informative post!

    I received the below from MP, presumably it is ok to post here. If 1 ppm translates to 1 microgram per gram, then e.g. the arsenic content is less than .25 ug/g, or <50 ug per 200g serving. Unless I did the numbers wrong, that is higher than any of the brands in the article. But it says "less than", not "equal to" - hopefully the numbers are conservative.

    I guess if you eat a "bad" whey several times a day for a year, maybe you get a gram or two of heavy metals in you. I guess that is acceptable to most, especially considering almost all food is polluted to some extent anyway.

    Yes please note it is less than and when using a less than symbol it will always be ultra conservative. The whey we use is produced in Western Europe and used by a lot of the leading brands of sports nutrition as well a leading baby food manufacturer.

    As posts have pointed out traces of arsenic are common in natural products and have nothing to be concerned about.

    We believe we are the most transparent of sports nutrition companies and pride ourselves in that.

    Here is a statement re arsenic in foods:

    "Just about every food we have contains arsenic. Like a large number of other chemical elements in the soil, it is taken up by plants and as a result it is present in tobacco leaves. You will get traces of arsenic as you will other metals, such as copper and lead. But the levels are so unbelievably low that the chances of them having an effect on a human is stretching the imagination. To kill somebody with arsenic you have to give them a lot for a very long time and this isn’t a lot of arsenic, these are traces".

    Professor John Gorrod a Professor of Toxicology at the University of Essex



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    MP, thanks for that reassuring post. I'm sure that settles it for most (I'm convinced too). Of course, if you want to be even more reassuring, you could always do a test with the kind of precision the article seems to use (since they measure smaller amounts).
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