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Thread: Bodyrock.tv

  1. Default Bodyrock.tv

    MP Member

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    Oct 2009
    Hi guys

    I've recently stumbled upon this lady doing quite intensive workout while browsing youtube.
    YouTube - Fitness - Boot Camp Workout 1: Burpee's Exercise
    (it's the whole series I am interested in plus other workouts)
    Appart from certain visual aspects of the clips, do you reckon it's a good thing to interlace these kind of exercises with stronglifts?

    I am trying to loose weight, I am dieting properly, and doing Stronglifts as one should, and doing HIIT in the days between lifting. Now one thing is that HIIT is being somewhat discredited, the other is that it's said that it shouldn't be done for more than 8 weeks, so I am thinkig about another tiresome, fat burning and all-body routine for the days without lifting.

    What do you think?
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    Sep 2009
    I was just over 15 stone in weight, and lost it all through cardio. I know that some say its pointless and you should limit yourself, but it worked for me.

    Started on the bike, then progressed to the x-trainer, and finally ended up on the treadmill. I can now run 10k in less that 45 minutes (on a treadmill).

    I did do full body fixed weights at the same time.

    Now that I'm doing free weights, and squats, etc, I don't find that the muscle's are actually massively bigger, but do look more rounded and have better definition.

    Have a look at tabata, if you want to lose weight.

    Dare I suggest cross fit as an alternative.

    YouTube - The Bear Complex WOD

    PS The girl on bodyrock is called Susana Spears. Don't google her at work.

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