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Thread: Amino uptake...

  1. Default Amino uptake...


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    Jun 2011
    I been trying to find the answer to this question for a long long time and I thought I would present it to you guys.

    In an example, if I were to have some eaa powder and casein in the same shake... would the eaa's rush to the muscle and then the casein releases it's aminos after? Or would the casein drag the eaa's back and use them at the same time?

    If the answer is that they will arrive seperately to the muscles; then a shake containing eaa's, whey, egg powder and casein would be the ultimate post workout recovery drink...

    The eaa's will satiate the muscles first, and when they run out the whey should be kicking in, then the medium release egg protein and then the slow release casein protein.

    I know products exist with a blend, but do they interfere with each other?
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    With the proviso that this is based on memory of information that may be out of date:

    A complete protein, like casein, will have all the necessary amino acids including the essential amino acids/branched chain amino acids but you would have to wait for them to be fully digested before they were released and absorbed.

    Casein tends to 'curdle' or 'coagulate' in the stomach and this is why it is 'slow digesting': the stomach contents have to be broken down from solids to a liquid or semi-liquid 'soup' called chyme before it is released into the digestive system proper - where everything is broken down into its constituent parts and absorbed.

    If you were to combine EAAs with a complete protein like casein the chances are everything would be held in the stomach until the solid parts (such as the casein) were completely liquefied. So the EAAs may be unlikely to reach the muscles first.

    The whole point of isolated nutrients, like amino acids, is that they should be consumed separately (usually on an empty stomach) so that they can work their way through the digestive tract as quickly as possible and be absorbed and assimilated without the 'brake' applied to the system by solid food.

    But I stand to be corrected by anyone with more current/up-to-date knowledge!
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