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Thread: Hormesis

  1. Default Hormesis

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    Hello 1st post here hope i dont break any rules

    Hormesis is a biological phenomenon whereby a beneficial effect (improved health, stress tolerance, growth or longevity) results from exposure to low doses of an agent that is otherwise toxic or lethal when given at higher doses. The philosophy of Hormetism, advocated in this blog, is based upon harnessing this biological phenomenon in a deliberate and systematic way in order to increase strength and resilience.

    Here goes i have been adopting this approach(Check out Hormesis*/* Getting Stronger) recently and im already noticing improvements, in my energy, mood, body composition and addictions(stimulants and chocolate)

    Just asking has anybody else adopted or heard of HORMESIS would love to interact with somebody who has some knowledge on this subject

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    *waits on James*
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    Originally Posted by James View Post

    I'm a big advocate of this belief; I use it in all factors of my life; you must remember though, just because something is a stress on the body/bodily systems it doesn't mean it will have a hormetic benefit.

    Some of the things that I indulge in, within an hormetic fashion:-

    Alcohol (Usually a glass of good dry red wine on rest days, or the odd night out on rest day weekends)
    Dark Chocolate (as high a cocoa content as possible, usually factored into my diet so actually eaten quite regularly)
    Tobacco (Either a good quality cigar or rolling tobacco with as little as possible rolling paper - blue skins, back rolled, excess paper disposed off, filter added)
    Vegetables (only have a few servings a week, if that!)
    Wheat/grain foodstuffs (normally once or twice a month at most)
    Drop sets (usually an isolated exercise in a friday session, giving me the weekend to recover then not hitting the muscle again till at least the Wednesday)
    Failure sets (every once in a while, full MAX strength failure set, plenty of rest and recovery given before/after)
    etc etc

    Training is actually beneficial from the effects of hormesis, the body is broken down during exercise only to rebuilt in hormetic fashion whilst resting after the training.

    Things such as bad sleep, injuries etc are stresses on the body, but there is negative, non-hormetic effect from these.
    Thanks for your reply. Im trying to incorporate various hormetic principles:
    -Cold Showers
    -High Intensity Training
    -Intermittent Fasting
    -Deconditioning Psychology*/* Getting Stronger

    Noticed profound effects on definitely not placebo:
    -Improved Mood
    -Uncontrollable Energy sometimes i feel wired without taking a stimulant (low carb diet helps)
    -Personality (more talkative and assertive)
    -Sleep duration and quality (5hrs sleep and wake up feeling totally refreshed and energized)
    -Fat Loss
    -No spikes in hunger

    I have started a blog to track my progress

    How long have you been using this approach and what benefits have you noticed?
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