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  1. Default Squatting & bowed legs

    MP Junior

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    Jun 2011
    I've been working on squatting for a few months now, but haven't been able to break through 55kg.

    Now, below my knee the shin bends inwards meaning I have slightly bowed legs and Im wondering if this could be a contributing factor as to why I can't really squat any weight?

    I know my technique is far from perfect but can anyone advise if there is any research to suggest that it's harder to squat with bowed legs?

    I don't feel any pain when I squat but I find it very difficult to keep my lower leg/knee in line with my foot.

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    MP Senior

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    Jun 2011
    Based on the little I know, I'd say that the bowed shins on their own wouldn't be a problem.

    But if this in turn stops you keeping your joints in line while squatting then that will hinder your ability to lift as the weight increases.
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