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  1. Default Hi/lo bar switch?

    MP Veteran

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    Jul 2011
    Any advantage/or negative impact to be had switching between low and high bar per session? For instance I do madcow so on mon/fri heavy squats i do low, but on wed the deload squat was thinking of switching to hi, narrower stance.
    MP Senior

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    Jan 2009
    essex uk
    HB can be helpful if you have been LB for a while, I found my squats were turning into the goodmorning variety, I solved this by step ups which work the quads, this helped me maintain my back angle. HB will shift recruitment to the quads also. It may help if needed and for variety, Front squat can help to. I would keep LB on the heaviest lift (Friday?) but alternate on the Monday to get the best out of them. Wednesday probably wont invoke a useful adaption.

    summary at the bottom of page
    Low Bar vs High Bar Squatting | 70's Big
    MP Veteran

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    Jul 2011
    Thanks mate, usefull info

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