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    Jul 2009
    Reading, UK
    Sounds very similar to what Id call an omelette, good recipe though
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    Mushroom soup

    Couple of litres of chicken stock
    2 white onions
    750g mushrooms
    300ml double cream
    herbs (sage, oregano, little bit of garlic, etc)

    Get the stock simmering in the biggest saucepan you have. Chop and fry the onions and mushrooms (you'll probably have to do them a bit at a time due to the quantities). Put a little bit of the stock into a food blender (just to provide a bit of liquid and let the blender move things around properly) and blend the onions and mushrooms. I tend to add the herbs to the blender as well. Pour the blended vegetables in the the simmering stock and stir in the double cream. Simmer a little more then serve.

    Reasonably cheap and nutritious. You'd be amazed how filling this is as well.
    Green's a very suspicious colour for food....

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    newton aycliife
    found this wicked little website at the weekend

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    Originally Posted by Was_once_fat_dave View Post
    found this wicked little website at the weekend

    Caveman Keto - Weight loss through low carb cooking
    I made his Caveman Chilli for my lunches this week and its amazing
    Caveman Chili - Caveman Keto
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