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  1. Default Thermopure Ė when an empty stomach?

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    Just got some Thermopure and the directions say take on an empty stomach. Now as a weights fan I normally aim never to have an empty stomach, and never a really full one either. Normal nutrition advice is 5 to 7 or so small clean nutritious meals a day, even when trying to lose weight (so you never get ravenous Ė which can lead to throwing too much of the wrong food down your neck). And youíre supposed to have a quick protein/carb blast 1st thing in the morning to stop muscle wastage. Thermopure, like many other supplements advises take on an empty stomach, I just donít have one!!

    So my question is how important is the empty stomach thing for the efficient working of Thermopure? Does it need to be taken on an empty stomach that then stays empty (for how long ?), or is the point to take it on empty then it does not matter if you eat or have e.g. pre-workout shake a few minutes later. And if this is really important should I then eat less meals a day, Iím quite happy to do this for a few weeks to lose some more weight.

    P.S. background. Iím 52 & used to be quite strong but, simply, a bit fat. Iíve lost 3 Stone sine Jan this year on a slow consistent basis of better eating and more cardio. My fat loss has now slowed so I want to use a product to kick start it again to lose another 12 pounds or so.
    Thanks for any advice.
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    i never took it on a empty stomach either but i wouldnt take it with food

    1 hour after a meal will be suffice
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