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  1. Default How to take L-Glutamine powder

    MP Junior

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    Aug 2009

    Sorry I did try to search for this but couldn't find anything.

    What are the best ways to take MP's l-glutamine powder?

    I sometimes add it to my shakes, but can it be added to anything else (that will easily mix with a stir, and taste ok)? Also, how much liquid should 5g l-glumamine be taken with?

    Thanks in advance
    MP Junior

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    Aug 2009
    Ignore this, just tried it with water and was fine, thanks
    Use MP120578

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    Sep 2009
    You may also wish to read the stickies

    But yeah, it is pretty easy stuff to take. I actually quite like the taste now.
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    newton aycliife
    Have a read through this thread bud http://forum.myprotein.co.uk/supplem...glutamine.html

    lots of good advice on L-Glut in there.
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