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Thread: Bloated and Stomach Cramps after Impact Whey Isolate

  1. Question Bloated and Stomach Cramps after Impact Whey Isolate

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    Sep 2012
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    Started training again recently (after about 2 years!) and decided to buy 1kg of Impact Whey from MyProtein this week. I have used this before (as I say, a few years ago) but never used to experience this problem.

    I use 1 large scoop in 200ml of water after training (yesterday and today) and on both occasions I have experienced stomach pains and bloating about 30mins after my shake, which lasts for over an hour.

    I trained both days between 5pm - 6pm and had my shake within 10 minutes of finishing my training (which I gulp down quickly in 4-5 mouthfuls), followed immediately by a low-cal and low-carb meal.

    Could this be to do with how quick I am drinking it? Or could it be that I am consuming on a virtually empty stomach (other than the 1 litre or so of water I consume whilst training)? Or could it just be my body is not used to such a large quantity of protein in 1 go, and could get better with use?

    Any advice would be appreciated.
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    Jan 2011
    Hey, im guessing it is that your not use to it any more, i remember i use to suffer severe bloating and wind when i first started taking protein shakes, pretty sure its not due to an empty stomach or because its such a large amount of protein, i often break my 16hour fast with a double scoop protein shake... i would suggest taking half a scoop with the same amount of water or maybe a tad more, and drink it slower, see if it still gives the same problem and if not have another half a scoop.
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    May 2006
    ... (which I gulp down quickly in 4-5 mouthfuls), .

    And probably swallow half a lung's worth of air at the same time without realising it. This alone, even if you belched it up again within a few minutes, would be enough to set off the stretch receptor's alarms in your gut-lining.
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